Take control of your payment instructions.

Multi-company solution specially designed for the control, approval and follow-up of payment instructions and / or instructions for buying foreign exchange and / or buying and selling securities, according to their own authorization rules.

Take centralized control to carry out the operations, verification, authorization or rejection of them, and execute them through their different financial entities via SWIFT or by any other means agreed with your entity.


  • Avoid entering multiple bank portals, and therefore the use of different tokens and passwords.
  • Secure the payment generation process, eliminating file manipulation.
  • Authorize the payments by block or one by one, according to the requirements of the entity.
  • Maintain the traceability of the entire payment process.
  • In the case of shipments via SWIFT, ensure the correct generation of the file, by doing semantic and syntactic review of the proprietary file, thus avoiding the rejection of the Network.
  • Automatically reconcile payments v.s. Rejections issued by the financial entity.
  • Generate automatic rejections towards the back office when inconsistencies defined by the entity are registered in the payment instructions issued.
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