About Us

Alliance Enterprise is a technology company specialized in two business niches: SWIFT Services and Value-Added Solutions. We’ve been in operation for more than 18 years with the highest level of specialization.

This experience has made us experts in the areas that involve financial transactions and SWIFT network service, result of our work on projects with more than 250 financial and corporate institutions located in over 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

 In this business niche, we are leaders in Latin America, providing our customers with the largest portfolio of value-added solutions. We’re also very proud to have the largest client list in the region as SWIFT providers.

Our customers obtains the best financial solutions for payment services and treasury for corporate clients, reconciliation services, integration services, anti-money laundering services and remittance-integration services in an environment that incorporates “best practices” in the area of security.

This solutions are implemented within our SOLUTIONS HUB, that manages the most robust infrastructure in the region with quadruple redundancies in all of its components including a contingency center in a different country, with the highest levels of availability and the highest levels of service, thanks to processes and controls that streamline the use of these solutions in an user-friendly and fast manner.

We congregate our clients in Latin America under the concept of “one stop shop”. 

We help banks, financial institutions and corporations to simplify processes and reduce costs through market-leading software applications delivered as services under the “cloud computing” concept.

Our Mission

To provide payment and treasury optimization services to financial and corporate entities, providing excellent quality solutions in order to reduce risks, improve management, simplify analysis and facilitate financial decision making.

Our Vision

To be recognized in the market as experts in the optimization of payment processes and treasury, thanks to our competent human resources, cutting-edge technology solutions, great experience and timely service.