Cash Flow Manager


Know with certainty your projection of treasury and make the best financial decisions for your company.

Not having all the necessary data and the different market variables when defining strategies can lead to decisions that are biased and do not lead to the desired objectives.

The negative impact of not correctly knowing the future situation will lead not only to not improving financial results due to excess investment or financing, but also to paying for unnecessary commissions and expenses, in addition to a high opportunity cost.

CFM Treasury is designed to provide great precision in the calculation and control of your organization's Treasury forecasts. It is multi-company, multi-user, multi-currency and multi-banking (Q43 AEB, Datanet ...) and has been designed to collect information from other systems in your company, transforming accounting information into useful information for the treasurer.

CFM Treasury has financial expense control and cash optimization tools that guarantee the correct use of financing and / or investment operations and bank negotiation. CFM Treasury allows a control of the available at any time (past or future), which allows you to avoid unpleasant calculation errors for the consequences they might have.


With CFM Treasury you can know with certainty your projection of Treasury and take this way the best financial decisions for your organization.
CFM Treasury provides you with security in the forecasts and their monitoring (security in your decisions), an absolute knowledge of the liquidity in value date and important savings by optimizing the position, by the bank claim and the optimization of the investment / financing.