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SWIFT experts since 1999

Financial entities have a solution in SWIFT that gives them visibility and credibility with the global financial community as well as obtaining the security and standardization benefits that it offers. However, this is not the core of your business and if you demand a lot of resources, both technical and human for your daily operation. The option of outsourcing connectivity to the network is presented as a strategic decision that optimizes resources and brings great benefits for the SWIFT operation and the inclusion of valuable solutions.

Alliance Enterprise with more than 18 years in the market and its more than 500 projects implemented throughout the region is the natural provider for financial institutions for issues related to the SWIFT network, as well as its experience, it has the largest number of Certified SWIFT engineers in a company throughout the Americas and Europe.

This interdisciplinary group of experts is also leveraged in the infrastructure of the Alliance Enterprise Service Bureau, which is certified under the latest requirements of the global network of banks, in addition to offering a group of complementary value solutions that will allow the network to benefit more from the network.